We have a new acupuncturist on staff! Taylor McCarter (they/she/he) will be picking up Wednesdays and Saturdays to start! Head on over to the practitioner page to check out their bio, and check out their schedule through Schedulicity. We are excited to welcome Taylor to the TACO team ✨ We will be offering discounted treatments ($10 off) with them for the month of April! $20 Returning Patients, $35 New Patients. 

We are no longer providing blankets due to the sheer amount of laundry we do each week-bring a blanket if you tend to get cold during treatments. Otherwise we sell lightweight space blankets for $6.

On that note, we are always looking for laundry volunteers! It’s a very low-commitment way to help us out if you have time and a washer/dryer at home. Ask the front-desk or your acupuncturist for details when you’re next in.