We have gone back to a sliding scale ($30-60) so that treatments are financially accessible to more patients, and the clinic is sustainable (running a community clinic means high overhead!). Please choose a rate that works for you to ensure frequent and consistent acupuncture. Also please keep in mind this is how TACO staff and practitioners make a living, and we want to ensure a living wage for all staff.  A good rule of thumb: yearly salary <$36,000 = $30 treatment, <$45,000 = $35 treatment <$55,000 = $40 treatment etc. Click here for more information on why a sliding scale is important.  

Cate is out for vacation June 20th-July 6th. Taylor will be covering a few shifts so that we will still be open 4 days a week! We will be open Mon 2:30-6:30, Wed 12-4, Fri 9:30-1:30 and Sat 10-2. Make an appointment to ensure a spot for you! We’ve got the AC running, so it’s nice and cool inside 😎

Looking for ways to help out your local community clinic? We are always looking for laundry volunteers! It’s a very low-commitment way to help us out if you have time and a washer/dryer at home. Ask the front-desk or your acupuncturist for details when you’re next in.