Our Practitioners

Ellen Vincent, L.Ac. moved to Tucson in 2012 and is no stranger to community acupuncture. TACO is the third clinic Ellen has helped to open since she graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2006. One of those clinics (besides TACO) is still alive and well in Philadelphia, PA. Ellen is a nationally certified practitioner, and licensed to practice acupuncture as well as prescribe herbs in Arizona and Pennsylvania.  Her other full-time jobs include parenting her fifteen-year old daughter and trying to take her dogs out on frequent and regular walks despite the Tucson heat.

At Tucson Acupuncture Co-op, We are committed to making effective healthcare both affordable and accessible. During the time of COVID-19, we have had to change our pricing structure to a flat fee of $30, but we will return to our regular $20-40 sliding scale ASAP!

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