Our Practitioners

Cate Maxon, L.Ac. (she/hers) is a licensed acupuncturist through the state of Arizona. She graduated from a community acupuncture school, POCA Tech in 2018 and is NCCAOM certified. She started working at TACO in 2019 as an acupuncturist, though got her start as a front-desk volunteer for TACO in 2013. She has given over 9,000 treatments since 2019 and is now the director of TACO since being handed the reins in 2021. 

She loves working in community with you all, and the wonderful board of directors of this very small, very special non-profit! It’s also vital to recognize that this clinic is situated on unceeded Tohono O’odham lands, and that I am white practitioner practicing a medicine outside my cultural lineage. I strongly believe that deepening our somatic relationship to ourselves, the cycle of seasons and others, allows us to exist in stronger balance with our health and the health of the planet from whence we come. As above, so below. 

At Tucson Acupuncture Co-op, We are committed to making effective healthcare both affordable and accessible. During the time of COVID-19, we have changed our pricing to $30 and will continue this rate due to rising costs of living; however we are always willing to work with you if those rates are inaccessible. 

We currently have a pay-it-forward program that allows us to offer discounted or free treatments-reach out if you need a free treatment, and as always, we accept donations to help subsidize this program!