josh6pmblackWhat is TACO’s community acupuncture setting?
In the US, acupuncture treatments are often given on tables in individual cubicles. This is not traditional in Asia, where acupuncture usually occurs in a community setting. In our clinic we primarily use recliners in a large, quiet, soothing space. Treating patients in a community setting has many benefits: it’s easy for friends and family members to come in for an acupuncture treatment together; many patients find it comforting; and a collective energetic field becomes established which actually makes individual treatments more powerful. In some styles of acupuncture, the needles are removed after only a few minutes or after a half hour at most. The style of acupuncture we practice at Tucson Acupuncture Co-op allows patients to keep their needles in as long as they want as the “right” amount of time can vary from patient to patient. Most people learn after a few treatments when they feel “done”, this can take anywhere from twenty minutes to a couple of hours! Most patients tend to stay about 45 minutes to an hour. Many people also fall asleep during their treatment, and wake up feeling quite refreshed.

I’m a new patient, what do I need to know?
You will need to fill out forms which takes about 15-20 minutes, so please come 20 minutes early to complete them. You may also download these forms and bring the completed forms with you. This helps support us since it reduces the amount of paper shuffling on our end. The forms are in PDF format online. You can download them here.

Allow for about an hour for your first treatment, follow up treatments may be shorter.

Please wear comfortable clothing. We use acupuncture points on the feet and legs up to the knee as well as the hands and arms up to the elbow so try to wear clothing that will allow us access to those parts of your body. Please try to avoid wearing tight pants or stockings that won’t roll up. Please don’t wear strong scents like perfume or cologne. Some people are either allergic or will have a hard time relaxing around these fragrances.

Please eat a little something beforehand. Your treatment will be more relaxing and the acupuncture will have more fuel to work with!

TACO accepts payment of cash, checks and credit cards (but not American Express).

Tucson Acupuncture Co-op works to create a safe and comfortable environment for all members of our community. We welcome people of all genders, sexes, races, colors, incomes, national origins, ages, abilities or disabilities, marital statuses (legal or otherwise), familial situations, religions, sizes and shapes, sexual orientations, and political beliefs. Your level of care will never be based on any of these factors.